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With a CHi power plant, you can generate green power from renewable sources for the next 20 years: day and night, all throughout the year. The electricity that you produce at the site with hydrogen from gas or green gas is more sustainable than electricity from the power network.


Generating green power with CHi

Thanks to CHi’s innovative hydrogen technology, you can generate green power yourself with hydrogen from gas or green gas (CH4): synthetic methane extracted from renewable energy sources. Using hydrogen from gas, CO2-reduction is 20 tot 50%, with hydrogen from green gas, it’s 100%.

Elugie and its partners produce energy from sun, wind and biogas from agricultural and waste gas and inject it as green gas into the traditional gas network. This technique, better known as Power-to-Gas or Waste-to-Gas, is meant to store energy for longer periods. The fuel cell of your power plant converts the CO neutral gas into hydrogen and adds oxygen to generate electricity; the only emission from this is water vapour. You can produce green electricity from equally green gas at any moment. You choose your own green energy source and gas supplier using the online my CHi-platform.

Sustainable consumption with CHi

The return of your hydrogen plant is around 43% more than that of classic power plants. The surplus heat is not lost either: the heat that’s released during the conversion is reused for central heating, floor heating or hot water. Because your generate the electricity at the site, where you use it, there’s no case of energy loss during transport.

CHi doesn’t just produce independently from the electricity network, but also when there’s no solar or wind energy. You can constantly generate electricity throughout the year with hydrogen from gas or green gas in your own home or building. CHi is linked to your gas connection. The gas network can store sustainable energy across the seasons and up to 1,000 times more than the electricity network. This truly makes it possible to become 100% sustainable.

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Sustainable, green energy, the Province of Antwerp is working on it. We're glad Kempens Landschap chose us as a test project. The units fit their compact size perfectly within our historic site.
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More benefits:

Energy security

Become independent of the electricity network.

Energy security


Save up to 40% on
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