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Energy security

Using the CHi power plant and SMARTgrid, you can generate power and store it to provide your home or organisation with electricity all year long, even when there’s no sun or wind. Additionally, you create complete energy security thanks to the digital my CHi platform where you manage everything: from consumption and suppliers to maintenance and financing.

Even generate power with a CHi power plant

With your own power plant, you can generate energy yourself, every second of the day throughout the year. Or you chose traditional natural gas or green gas, you energy will be supplied by the existing gas network. The fuel cell converts gas (CH4) to hydrogen (H2) and in reaction with the supplied oxygen from the environmental air, electricity is generated. Because gas is always in supply, your electricity production is not bound to season: you produce constant energy, even when there’s no sun or wind.

Thanks to the innovative fuel cell technology by Elugie, you therefore only need a connection to the gas network to generate electricity on the spot. And a power plant to concert that gas into green power.

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Store power yourself with a CHi-SMARTgrid battery system

CHi-SMARTgrid is already responding to the future electricity market. Because within a few years, it’ll be interesting to have your own battery system which you can use to store excess electricity for later use yourself. At the moment, it’s even cheaper to store these surplus in the existing network.

Should you also own a CHi SMARTgrid battery system beside a CHi power plant, then all excess energy you have generated will be stored there. This way, you can use your own energy reserve when you need it. Yo use it in winter for extra heating, lighting, to cook, shower, watch (more) television … Or you charge your electrical car with it, all throughout the year.

Because the energy production of your device is constant and you can store the power at the time, you become completely independent from the electricity network. During a national power failure or malfunction, your company, home, car, organisation … just keeps running.

From 2020, the free market regarding electricity will change. Then you can use your CHi-SMARTgrid to balance the network: in case of electricity surplus, you store this surplus of self-produced electricity, to inject it in the net again in case of a shortage. For solving these bottlenecks in the power network, you’ll receive additional revenue. So with CHi, you’re ready for the future and complete energy security.

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Managing your energy using the my CHi platform

Using the my CHi platform, you maintain complete control. You can manage your energy consumption in complete freedom, check what you’re saving or request how much you saved in2CO. You choose your own green gas suppliers and decide your energy costs using the my CHi platform, which is linked to the practical my CHi electricity app. All administration, communication and information is bundled in one central place in a transparent and clear manner. You’ve never been this free.


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I chose Chi because I now know what my annual costs will be and because they won't increase, excluding the gas price. In 15 years, I'll save 35% on my total costs.
Hans VanheesElectro Van Hees

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Save up to 40% on
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Limit your environmental impact
with green gas.

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