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About us

Elugie is the Belgian frontrunner in hydrogen power plans, where hydrogen is ingeniously converted in socially responsible electricity for buildings: cheaper and more sustainable, ready for true energy security and for the future.

Already since 2000, founders Bjorn Van Haver and Ruth D’Haese strive for sustainable energy for their generation and the generations to come. Like that of their energetic sons, Elias and Lukas, from whom Elugie derives their name (Elias + Lukas + Dutch word for ‘energy’).

As a private company, Elugie designs and builds, sells and finances, promotes and exploits their power plants independently, with the expert help of several niche partners.

Our mission

Elugie strives for energy security and 100% sustainable socially responsible energy. We want every building to provide their own green energy to make a sustainable different for our customers and the planet. Energy that’s CO2neutral (and as such, pollutes less). Energy that’s generated and stored efficiently (and as such, less gets lost). Energy with maximum independence (and as such, varies less in price). A true win-win situation for human and environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Elugie also chooses sustainability and social responsibility for its own enterprise. Because of this, we work in an energy and CO2-neutral office building and use cards and our own hot air balloon on green gas.

Energy- and CO2-neutral office building

Our own hydrogen power plant with SMARTgrid battery system (and even the option to work autonomously off-grid, separate from the network).
Sustainable isolation with natural materials.


Cars and Elugie hot air balloon on green gas

Cars: green gas (CNG) met European certificate of ‘guarantee of origin’ (GO).
Ecological hot air balloons: symbol for sustainability and energy security, 80% less consumption thanks to double isolated wall (unique in the world).

Team Belgium

With the right people in the right place, team Elugie uses their positive energy for focused solutions for each specific project. What can you expect from us? Respect and openness, trust and involvement, tons of knowledge and passion for renewable energy. Ad of course, the best service, both personally as by using the CHi-platform.

myCHi platform
Bjorn Van Haver

With a passion to change and create a better world, my target is to return to energy independance and go for 100% renewable energy.

Ruth D’Haese

What I get up for in the morning is a desire to experience live at full strength. In this, I can't do anything else than cooperate in creating a new earth where freedom is a core value for every living being.

Nikki Paesen
Marketing & Communication

The variety and challenges in my job suit me. Contributions to a better future for our and the next generations is the icing on the cake!

Wim Croes
Energy expert

From my passion for technology and progress, I'll happily guide our clients towards energy security and this is in a sustainable way where we give our environment a hand.

Olivier Coosemans
Energy expert

From my passion for technology and progress, I'll happily guide our clients towards energy security and this is in a sustainable way where we give our environment a hand.

Bert Ostyn
Energy expert
Christophe Ceulemans
Head of service and execution

Install device per device, where you know that you truly cause change in the energy landscape, that's what I believe in! Another great benefit is the good working atmosphere.

Koen Van Rompaey
Installation and service
Kris Dewit
Installation and service
Do you believe in our story?

Anyone who believes in our story can always convince us of this: take a look at our vacancies.

Team UK

Ian Campbell
Market Development Advisor

The energy supply world in the UK is going through a major transformation and I believe we have a duty to embrace any technology that can take us closer to achieving 100% renewable energy.

Peter Franklin
Strategy and Business Development Advisor

Transitioning to a smart low carbon world is a priority – and Elugie can contribute an important piece of the jigsaw.

Steve Thomas
Sales and Marketing Director

I am passionate about improving the way that we use energy. The impact that we all have on the environment can be reduced if individuals take ownership of their energy production, efficiency and emissions!

Mike Thomas
Commercial Director

Technological improvements cannot change the world without intelligent and financially beneficial delivery. I am driven to facilitate the implementation of technology in a collaborative and open fashion.

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